Our Core Values

Our Core Values are based on the acronym “PHIRE” Professionalism, Humility, Integrity, Resilience and Experience

P – Professionalism:

We possess the competence in risk management and risk transfer mechanism

H – Humility:

This is synonymous with respect. At Eastgate, we show commitment, loyalty and absolute respect to all customers irrespective of size because we recognize that the “Customer is King”

I – Integrity:

We uphold the virtues of moral excellence, honesty, sincerity, wholeness and corporate ethics in all our dealings.                            

R – Resilience:

We conceptualize and develop ideas and strategies to exceed the expectation of our clients                        

E – Experience:

We have sound knowledge of the products, in-depth information of the market, sound technical knowledge and skill and focus on service excellence.

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